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The Intriguing Tale Behind Chicken '65

Chicken '65 stands as an epitome of flavour in Indian gastronomy, known for its explosive taste and fiery spices. But hidden beneath its enticing exterior lies a puzzling mystery - the true origin and significance of its distinctive name.

Where it all began, The Buhari Hotel. Or perhaps not! Photo: Tripadvisor

Is there no reason for the '65?

One widely embraced theory traces the dish's birth to the Buhari Hotel in Tamil Nadu, India, around 1965. This hypothesis suggests that the hotel introduced the dish that year, giving it the straightforward moniker 'Chicken 65.' While this explanation provides a plausible timeline, concrete evidence is scarce, leaving room for speculation.

Or maybe it's the spices?

Another captivating notion links the name to the marination process. Some believe that Chicken '65' owes its name to the 65 days required for the chicken to marinate in spices, culminating in its rich flavor profile. While this idea adds an element of intrigue, historical records to support it are lacking.

But what about the year?

Some culinary historians believe that the name 'Chicken 65' might be linked to a combination of factors, including the year 1965, the number of spices used, and the innovative spirit of Indian chefs who were experimenting with flavours and textures.

The stories of why '65 get much hotter!

A more unconventional perspective delves into the realm of spice. This theory posits that the name refers to the 65 red chilli peppers used per kilogram of chicken, contributing to its signature spiciness. Although this concept offers a unique angle, historical substantiation is yet to be found. Against the backdrop of India's diverse culinary history, some speculate that Chicken '65' embodies a fusion of influences. It could symbolize a blend of 1965, the number of spices employed, and the innovative spirit of Indian chefs experimenting with tastes.

Take your pick. or order and create your own story. (We'll believe you!)

In the end, the enigma surrounding Chicken '65' persists. The theories, while intriguing, lack definitive proof. Its allure stems not just from taste but also from the curiosity it ignites. As aficionados continue to relish this tantalizing dish, the quest for its true origins adds an extra layer of fascination to the realm of culinary conundrums. Whether rooted in history, tradition, or artistic ingenuity, one certainty remains - Chicken '65' will endure as an iconic delicacy, forever accompanied by its delicious enigma. Chicken '65 is a great starter, as a side dish (Or some people order it with Fries!) £5 per portion.

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