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Obsessed? We didn't spend $8k on a PB sandwich!

Elvis Presley, the legendary American singer, musician, and actor, had a well-known love for peanut butter, particularly in the form of his favourite sandwich: the "Fool's Gold Loaf." Elvis's fondness for this extravagant peanut butter and banana sandwich became a part of his iconic image.

Yes. Elvis was young once!

Mad? We think the clue's in the title! The "Fool's Gold Loaf" sandwich was a creation that reportedly originated in Denver, Colorado. The sandwich consisted of a hollowed-out loaf of Italian bread filled with an entire jar of creamy peanut butter, an entire jar of grape jelly, and a pound of crispy bacon. The loaf was then baked until warm and crispy.

Would you spend $8000 on the sandwich? Pic Source : Wikipedia

We went to Tesco's to get ours. And we got points! The story goes that in 1976, Elvis and a group of friends flew to Denver on his private jet, the "Lisa Marie," just to satisfy his craving for this sandwich. They visited the Colorado Mine Company restaurant, where they ordered dozens of Fool's Gold Loaf sandwiches to-go and enjoyed them on the plane. The extravagant sandwich order reportedly cost over $8,000 in total.

Elvis's love for peanut butter was not limited to this famous sandwich. It's said that he frequently enjoyed peanut butter and banana sandwiches, often grilled to perfection. The combination of peanut butter and bananas is known for its rich flavour and texture, and it became one of Elvis's favourite comfort foods.

Yup, that's his other favouirlte. #varieddiet Pic Source: WIkimedia Commons

Elvis's affinity for peanut butter and banana sandwiches and his larger-than-life personality have contributed to his enduring fascination with his culinary preferences. While his music and cultural impact are his most lasting legacy, his love for peanut butter has also become a quirky part of his legend.

Try it. You'll be surprised! (We were)

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