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Have you heard the one about Nicci Naani?

The team here at Raj Rani is small, but perfectly formed. With a few 'extra' people when werjjj busy; the 3 in the kitchen, 1 main driver and one on the phones & the front desk make our mission "Fast, Fresh, Tasty" really happen.

Nicci is our 'front of house' person - she makes sure orders are correct, the food is being cooked and packed correctly and our driver has the correct address. A superstar!

A superstar not only for what she does, but also because she's LOVED by the kitchen team. It's no mean feat keeping three chefs happy, when they are busy and the time-clock is ticking to get tasty food out to hungry customers. So loved in fact, they decided to sing her praises. Well, a rap actually. And it's REALLY GOOD!

Put your headphones on or put the sound up on your lap top (you might have a mention!)

Thank you Nicci for all you do. We really appreciate (and you love) you!

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