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From 21 May 2021, existing Government legislation requires all retailers (big and small) to charge for single-use plastic bags. Since we package all our takeaway food in carrier bags, we will be charging a 20p levy on all orders.

Unlike supermarkets, we appreciate that our customers don't choose when ordering a takeaway, so we want to donate the entire charge to the Rainham Eco Hub.

(We heard our friends at Spice Fusion was doing this, so we've decided to get a 'backie' and go along for the ride with them!!)

Us getting a 'backie' and going along with Spice Fusion for the ride!

“We estimate that this will generate an annual donation in the region of £1,000 to £1,500, and we know this will make a big difference.”

Rainham Eco Hub is a charitable organisation serves to protect and improve the environment in Rainham.

It's National Bike Week from 30 May, and Rainham Eco Hub is encouraging school children to cycle to school. But to do this, they need bike racks to park their bikes. The Eco Hub is working with local schools to purchase and install new bike racks.

“We're delighted that Raj Rani has decided to join Spice Fusion in this project. With this additional support we'll be able to supply more bike racks for schools, quicker!” Kayleigh Ward – Rainham Eco Hub

We will also be reaching out to our colleagues in other local takeaway businesses to join forces with us to make an even more significant impact. Perhaps our neighbours (Fish & Chip shop) would like to join in too!!

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