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65 explained in 65 words...

You’ll see on our menu a few dishes with the number 65 at the end of them. These are dishes you probably haven’t seen or eaten before, but we think they are tremendous and wanted to make them memorable. Why “65”? - Here’s why in 65 words…..

Where the term '65' was first invented. They also serve a 'world famous' Biryani!

What is '65' ??

An invention by A.M. Buhari of the Buhari Hotel in Chennai, India. He created the original Chicken 65, but its popularity has spread both in terms of recipes and also using other items such as paneer & gobi (cauliflower).
There’s many explanations to the name; number of spices used, number of pieces of chicken used, meat used from 65-day-old chickens!

Ours version isn’t any of these but like Colonel Sanders, we keep our recipe secret! Think lightly spiced; succulent chicken, flavoursome gobi and tasty paneer - great as a starter or perhaps have two (or all three!) with a naan.

If you don't know what Paneer is, think mozzarella, but less stringy!

We've three '65' dishes on our menu - enjoy one as a starter, or two or three as a main course (with a naan perhaps) - or have one as a side with your curry. Whatever way you choose - just do it!! (we think they are delicious!!!)

Collect from us or delivery within 2.5 miles (you can check by postcode here)

Call us to order (01634262777) or we're on Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat and Gillingham Eats apps.

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